“Lady in Waiting” won 1st place in its Category in 2018!

“Lady in Waiting” won 1st place in its Category in 2018!

Lady in Waiting

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Coming Summer 2019!


dove in flight

Current work in progress

Ellyn believes she’ll find the strength she needs to face a life of physical challenge and shame when she arrives in Canterbury.

But what if it’s the pilgrim’s journey and unexpected love that brings healing to the part of her that needs it most? Her heart.

2019 Finalist in Hearts Through History- Romance Through the Ages Contest

Lord Richard of Kelsey Hall will be arriving any minute and Philippa is dreading it.

Her cousin, the Lady Evelyn, is Lord Richard's betrothed, and if Evelyn marries him, Philippa's only protection from her lecherous uncle will soon be riding away with a husband.

When Richard arrives, Evelyn instead tumbles into love (and bed) with his charming childhood friend and companion, Lord Rowan.

Philippa sees an opportunity to fix her own escape along with the young lovers’, and devises a plot to trade places with Evelyn at the wedding altar, fully aware that angry lords can make dangerous husbands of convenience. Can unromantic Philippa win Lord Richard’s love and turn him from revenge?

Enthusiasts of tales set in a rosy version of England's late medieval period will adore this unfolding love story between a brooding hero (Richard Armitage fans!) and a level-headed, horse-loving heroine.

Heat rating: a spicy 3 or a mild 4 out of 5